Reimagine Your Enterprise Landscape with Our AI Agents

Prepare Your Enterprise Applications to Be AI Agent Ready

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Utilise your enterprise API to integrate AI agents seamlessly. Leverage AI agents without altering your core business applications. Our multi-agent framework facilitates collaboration among agents to better address customer needs. Our LLM-agnostic design ensures AI agents can operate on any LLM model, delivering a personalised customer experience.

Supervisory Layer

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The AI engine envelops LLMs within a supervisory layer to minimise hallucinations, ensuring security and preventing misuse. Additionally, it includes safeguards for topics and keywords that are off-limits. There's also a review mechanism for both user- and LLM-generated content to ensure responses are contextually appropriate. The AI engine encloses LLMs in a supervisory layer to reduce hallucinations, ensure security, and prevent misuse. The engine also has guardrails for topics and keywords that are off-limits. A review mechanism for user- and LLM-generated content ensures responses are appropriate to the context.

Protecting Your Data and Ensuring Compliance

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Your data remains confidential. The AI engine enforces strict data separation between customers, storing your provided information securely in your private workspace. This includes knowledge bases, unstructured documents, and guides, ensuring exclusivity and privacy. The AI engine identifies and masks customers' sensitive personal information (PII), such as credit card details, to safeguard their privacy.

Real-time integrations with your company's record systems ensure controlled access to sensitive data, preserving data integrity. Your data is solely utilised for training your company's AI agent and benefiting your operations. Under no circumstances will your data be used to train models for any other entity or purpose.


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Our AI engine architecture incorporates the latest advancements in Gen AI while ensuring backward compatibility. Customers can be confident of a seamless transition and continued access to existing versions. This forward-thinking approach guards against obsolescence, providing longevity and adaptability to meet evolving needs.